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Direct Primary Care

We have a new approach to your health.

It's called Direct Primary Care. We love it, patients love it, and we think you'll love it too. Everything we do is geared to giving our members the time, access, and support they need to live healthy and full lives.

Here's the gist: we don't accept any insurance, and as a result you save money. Become a member of our practice for a low monthly fee, and get unlimited office visits (with no co-pays), wholesale prices on prescription medication, discount labs, unprecedented access to your doctor, and a whole lot more. We guarantee up front pricing so you have no "surprise bills" without exception.

Watch this great video to learn more about Direct Primary Care.

Dr. Gregory "Reid" Lancaster is now accepting a limited number of patients.

How Are We Different?

We're a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. DPC is a unique approach to healthcare and our patients love it. So, how is it different?


Fewer patients

Did you know that most Primary Care Providers have between 2,500-3,500 patients? We limit our practice to under 600 patients total. That means that Dr. Lancaster spends more time with you when you need him. Plus, when he is not actively seeing a patient, he is able to help coordinate your care and research your treatments.


No insurance

Ethos Modern Medicine does not bill any insurance plans so you won’t have a middle-man in your primary care. Decisions about your healthcare will be made by you and your doctor without the impersonal management that comes from third-party payers. Instead, patients pay a monthly membership fee which can save money and covers excellent treatment. Give it a try, and you’ll quickly see for yourself the value of this approach!

Benefits of Membership

Unlimited office visits

Forget scheduling appointments weeks in advance. Typically you'll get a next-day appointment - and it'll be free.

Unprecedented access

Contact us like you would anyone else- email, text, in-person, even video chat. You're part of the family.

Save big on labs and medication

We've negotiated wholesale rates on medication and lab tests, and we pass all those savings straight to you.

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Meet the Doctor

Gregory "Reid" Lancaster, D.O.

Family Medicine Physician

Meet Gregory "Reid" Lancaster, DO

I am a dad to 3 wild and beautiful girls, husband to Megan, and an apprentice of Jesus. I'm a guy who loves music, good food, a great book or movie, sports, exploring new outdoor wonders, hanging out with great people, and a good laugh.

I am also a board certified family medicine physician.

Why leave a great career as a PA in family medicine to start all over and become a physician?

I practiced for years as a physician assistant in the insurance based world and experienced day in and day out the struggles that patients experience in that system. Frustrating phone trees, waiting weeks for appointments, hours in the waiting rooms, and rushed visits. Not to mention that everything is a "hidden" cost. The worst.

It was difficult to take pride in what I was doing when the patient experience was so poor. During that time I would help my family and friends get medical services through the back door because the front door was so frustrating. Plus, there is something most people who do not work in health care do not realize. The poor care is often not because of bad doctors, nurses, or staff. On the contrary, they can be incredible! I loved the teams I worked with as a PA. I had great bosses, incredible coworkers, and worked with the best people. It's just that we were all stuck in a broken system. The system built by gargantuan insurance companies and government programs drives the impersonal and unaffordable health "care" you and I experience.

Then one day while eating dinner at my in-law's it all changed. A physician on the news was talking about a new medical model called "Direct Primary Care". Everything he said addressed each frustration I had been experiencing and the solutions he offered blew my mind. My entire paradigm on what was possible changed. Long story short, I uprooted everything. Started all over, gave up an amazing career, moved across the country for medical school, went through the trenches of residency, sacrificed more time and money than I care to think about, and gained the training I needed to open a practice right here in the Coachella Valley that I could believe in. I want the members of Ethos Modern Medicine to get the experience through the front door like my family members used to have to get through the back door.

I believe in our mission at Ethos Modern Medicine and I look forward to working side by side with you to help you achieve your best health so you can live your best life.

Academia (for those who care):

St. Stephens University- Bachelor's in Christian Studies

Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA- Masters in physician assistant studies

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, PA- Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Family medicine residency at Eisenhower Health, Rancho Mirage, CA

Award for Academic and Clinical Excellence- Eisenhower Health Family Medicine

Community Service Award- Eisenhower Health Family Medicine

Class rank in medical school: 1

Hirzel Academic Medical School Acknowledgement

Recognized nationally for outstanding academic achievements in multiple medical avenues

Membership fees

Our fees are simple and transparent, as they should be. No hidden fees or complex invoicing. You'll know exactly what you're paying and exactly what you're getting.


Pediatric (6m-18y) Fee requires paying adult


Adult (19-49)


Adult (50+)
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